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John Notes

John 1:1-18 Prologue
John 1:19-51 Testimony of John
John 2:1-25 Triumphs of Jesus
4 John 3:1-21 The Night with Nicodemus
John 3:22-36 The Jews and John
John 4:1-42 The Woman at the Well
John 4:43-54 The Faith of a Father
John 5:1-47 The Impact in Jerusalem
John 6:1-40 The Impact in Galilee
John 7:1-8:1 Exposition
John 8:1-59 Exposure
John 9:1-41 Confounding Them
John 10:1-42 The Good Shepherd
John 11:1-57 Rejection
John 12:1 More Rejection
John 13:1-14:31 The Upper Room
John 15:1-25 Revelations About God the Son
John 15:1-25 Revelations About God the Son Cont.
John 15:26-16:15 Revelations About God the Spirit
John 16:16-33 Revelations About God the Father
John 17:1-26 Lord's Prayer
John 18:1-19:15 Falsely Condemned
John 19:16-42 Finally Crucified
John 20:1-31 Fully Conqueror Crucified
John 21:1-25 Epilogue

Luke Notes