January 2017

Acts 5:42b- “they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ”

Dear Fellow Laborers and Friends,

We are honored and humbled to have started our fifth year in the ministry here at Fort Bragg! We have seen many soldiers come and go, and God continues to provide every need that we have. We continue to hold Friday Night Bible studies, and meals every Sunday afternoon at the Servicemen’s Center. It was our busiest holiday season thus far. We had five soldiers for Thanksgiving Dinner and three for Christmas dinner! Many of our faithful soldiers were able to make it home for Christmas. One soldier who stayed here was Roman, he made Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning breakfast at the Servicemen’s Center! We are thankful for good servants that not only serve this great country but also the Lord!

I want to thank everyone who donated toward the Christmas Boxes. We collected a truck load of items for the boxes and made our goal of 200 boxes! My family and I delivered them two days before Christmas and put countless smiles on their faces when we told them Merry Christmas and gave them their gift. We got into several new barracks, met many new soldiers, and made some great contacts so we could have a presence in those barracks. One soldier named Alexa emailed me and was amazed at what complete strangers did for someone they don’t even know. Please pray for Alexa as she deployed to Iraq several days after Christmas.

We will be traveling some this year, and still have openings for meetings. Sunday mornings are still our biggest day for our ministry and it is hard to leave, but we need to raise our support level this year. If you would like for us to come update our ministry or present our ministry to your church, please let me know.

We are also looking to purchase a new presentation board for displaying at our meetings. We need a very nice display to present our ministry, and feel that it is time for an upgrade. I have been looking at a retractable banner stand for some time now. They can be very expensive, but are very much worth every penny. We are looking at a 40” X 47” tabletop stand and the cost is $347.50. That is for the design, printing, and shipping. Please pray for us to get the right design and for the finances of the board.

In the Service for our King,

Bro. David and Kathryn Tremmel

Jeremiah, Noah, Bella, and Sarah